My Arena : The Life and Legacy of Bruce Ullrich

ISBN: 9780473687847
Author: Bruce Ullrich

In 2023, to mark its 150th anniversary year, the University of Canterbury showcased 150 of its outstanding graduates. Bruce Ullrich was named as one amongst its Legends of Sport" and was described as a "fierce champion of New Zealand's interest in business and sport". My Arena is Bruce's autobiography. It navigates a life story spanning over eight decades, vividly describing Bruce's 'fierce champion' moments. Bruce Ullrich is best known for his roles in sports leadership. He was vice-chairman of the organising committee of the 1974 Commonwealth Games in Christchurch, and he went on to be chef de mission for three of New Zealand's Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games teams. He was an enthusiastic advocate for hosting the Winter Olympics in New Zealand. But there is a business story as well. Bruce was admitted to partnership in an accounting firm on the day he qualified as an accountant. He later moved to governance roles and consultancy, using his expertise to foster trade and investment relationships between New Zealand and other countries - especially China. Bruce was awarded an Order of the British Empire for services to New Zealand. Throughout his life journey Bruce has remained a loyal old boy of his beloved Christchurch Boys' High School, a faithful Cantabrian, and highly patriotic New Zealander.

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Praise for My Arena

Metropol Magazine review : Metropol Magazine review - "One lives a life of limited innings, so why not go for the six? When you're Bruce Ullrich you simply roll up your sleeves and go for it."


BRUCE ULLRICH - OBE., M.B.A., B.Com., Dist.F.Inst.D., FCA., FIANZ., Hon. Professor (Shanxi University of TCM & Beijing Open University)

Company Director & Author. Former partner in an international accounting firm (KPMG), Company Director of companies in New Zealand, China, and previously Australia, over a wide range of activities in manufacturing, financial services, tourism, trade, education and publishing.

Has travelled widely to represent New Zealand interests in business and sport - was Vice Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Xth Commonwealth Games. Has been Chef de Mission of three New Zealand Teams to Olympic & Commonwealth Games, including Seoul in 1988, generally regarded as one of NZ's most successful Olympic Teams ever. Held office until 1995 of Vice President, New Zealand Olympic Committee. Spearheaded a bid for over ten years to bring the Winter Olympics to New Zealand. Foundation President of a proposed National Sports Museum of New Zealand.

Former long term (21 years) member of University of Canterbury Council and former Chairman of Christchurch Boys' High School Board of Governors. Past President, University of Canterbury Alumni Association and Past National President of the Massey University M.B.A Alumni. For 9 years a member of the Massey University Council. Also Chairman of the New Zealand Education Group Ltd. A past Board Member of several International Business councils.

For the past 25 years he has spent a considerable amount of time in China where a China wide office network has been established. He has been invited to present several keynote addresses at conferences in China and is a Honorary Chairman of several trade organizations. At the same time he has also established strong governmental & educational links in China. During 2006 he was made an Honorary Professor of two Chinese Universities. A current project with a Chinese Medical School is to establish clinics in China for the treatment of Diseases of Affluence, including diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

He has also been a long time member of Rotary International and is a Paul Harris Fellow. Currently he also acts as a mentor at the University of Canterbury Centre for Entrepreneurship.

"To commemorate its 150th Anniversary since its founding in 1873 the University of Canterbury has selected 150 alumni (or Legends) who have distinguished themselves in different categories - Bruce Ullrich is one of them."

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